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All Christmas CDs on SALE!


PLEASE NOTE: We are not currently buying CDs at this time. We've recently made an extremely large purchase and we are working on processing them all. Once those are all entered into inventory, we may or may not resume buying from the public again. Thank you for your understanding.

It's easy and safe to sell your old CDs to The CD Exchange, or trade them in towards other CDs or DVDs listed on our site. You can feel secure doing business with us, since we've been around for over a decade and we are proud members of the Better Business Bureau.

So gather 'em up, dust 'em off, and follow these few simple steps:

Read these quick quidelines, and please do not list or send any items that do not meet them:

  Guidelines for selling/trading CDs:
  • All CDs that you send must be in excellent condition, with no scratches on either side of the disc. All the artwork (front and back) must be included and in excellent condition as well.
  • We only buy the complete and unedited versions of CDs. We do not buy "clean" versions.
  • We do not buy or sell Classical music (Mozart, Beethoven, etc.)
  • We do not accept CDs marked "Promotional" or "For Promotional Use Only". We also no longer buy CD-Singles or Maxi-Singles.
  • All Boxed Sets must include the original book and box, and any other items that were originally included when it was new.
  • We reserve the right to ship back to you at your expense any CDs that do not meet these guidelines.

  • If your CDs are badly scratched or are missing artwork, then we can't buy them - but please consider donating them to instead of just throwing them away!

Fill in the form below and hit the SEND button. Please list only one album per line (hit "enter" after each one).

We'll Email you the cash and credit prices we're able to pay for your CDs, along with instructions for sending them to us, if you decide to accept our offer.

Send your CDs to us, following the instructions provided in the Email. If your quote is more than $25, we'll even pay your shipping costs.

We'll either send you a check or issue you store credit (whichever option you choose), the very same day we receive and process your shipment!

What is your name?

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  • Please make a note of any Multi-CD Sets (more than one disc).
  • Please list only one selection per line.

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